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Meet The Parents


Standard F1B Goldendoodle

Coco is a standard F1b goldendoodle, 18% Golden Retiever and 82% Poodle. She is a teddy bear in every sense of the word. She is exceptionally loving and enjoys to cuddle any hour of the day. She greets you with a standaing hug and will follow you from room to room just to be in your presence. Coco has produced several beautiful, healthy litters to our program.

Health tested and clear.



Standard F1 Goldendoodle

Marley is a standard F1 goldendoodle, 50% Golden Retiever and 50% Poodle. He is the reason we fell in love with this breed. He has the kindest nature and and extremely compassionate. He is the most loyal friend we have ever known. He love to swim at the beach, play catch and search for lizards. 

Health tested and clear.



Standard F1B Goldendoodle

Gigi is a teacup F1b goldendoodle, 14% Golden Retiever and 86% Poodle. She has a deep red coat and weighs only 11lbs. Gigi loves meeting new people, she fits perfectly in a dog sling to travel with us everywhere we go. Her favorite place is anywhere you are as long as she can sit on your lap.

Health tested and clear.

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